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For generations, the fertile Hiddenlands were shared by the peoples of the Five Realms. The Elves, Mages, Dwarves, Halflings and Humans lived peacefully with each other, though they increasingly engaged in fierce competition for the prosperity and glory of their respective nations.

        2 – 4        10+       60 – 90 Min

And so it was that when the divisiveness threatened to break the thousand-year peace, the Goblin Hordes from across the sea unleashed a devastating surprise attack, and the peoples of the Hiddenlands could not unify quickly enough to repel them. Remnants of each of the realms fled by ship, until they at last discovered a new, unoccupied land upon which they could begin building their civilizations anew: Pandoria! The old rivalries would remain, but perhaps this time, their competition with each other would not welcome disaster. It was a time of hope.

You assume the role of one of the five realms, discover new lands, and send out your workers to establish settlements and resources for buildings and spells. The peoples work together in peace, but they cannot forget their historical rivalries completely. In the end, each nation tries to earn the most glory for themselves in the young history of Pandoria.

Expand the land and place workers to claim resources to be acquired. Each type of landscape earns a different resource once the area has been completed: crystals in the mountains, gold in the hills, wood in the forest, and points in the city. The resources are needed to build new buildings and monuments, unleash powerful spells and buy new cards from the market.
Through the buildings, you get special benefits for the rest of the game, while spells have a more powerful, one-time effect. Completing cities and surplus resources earns points.

Pandoria includes the rules for a faster-playing beginner game, the family game, a partnership variant, and advanced rules for the complete game, with each realm having their own special abilities, which creates greater variety and long-lasting fun.

The game material is language independent. English, French, German and Dutch rules are included.

The game contents:
game board in size 56×56 cm
5 double-sided realm tableaux
54 cards (44 common and 10 individual)
8 citadels
13 monuments
4 point tiles
starting player tile
50 double tiles (within 2 starting tiles)
8 single tiles
Wooden material:
4 leaders
24 figures
16 markers for points, wood, crystals and goldrule book

Pandoria from Jeffrey D. Allers and Bernd Eisenstein
Artwork: Lukas Siegmon and Christian Opperer

» German rules (0.9 MB).
» English rules (0.9 MB).
» French rules (0.9 MB).
» Dutch rules (0.9 MB).
» Spanish rules (1.1 MB).
» Greek rules (3.7 MB).
» Japanese rules (13 MB).
» Card description (DE, EN, FR, NL) (0.86 MB).

» Family version German rules (0.3 MB).
» Family version English rules (0.3 MB).
» Family version French rules (0.3 MB).
» Family version Dutch rules (0.3 MB).
» Family version Spanish rules (0.3 MB).

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