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Latest News:

» Jan. 30th 2023: Peloponnes Insert done by „Peter Varholak“ (Video – EN)

» January 18th 2023: New matches for the Peloponnes ranking in Basque Country (January 2023)

» January 15th 2023: Discordia review by Simon Maynard at BGG (EN)

» December 15th 2022: Discordia review at SpinLi (NL)

» December 3rd 2022: Discordia – Stefan Feld gives his game tips on „Better Board Games“ (Video – DE)

» December 2nd 2022: Discordia is at nr. 2 of Rahdos Roundups played games in November 2022 (Video – EN).

» Nov. 22nd 2022 Discordia: Multiplayer „play through“ JonGetsGames (Video – EN)

» November 18th 2022: A match of Peloponnes for the ranking in Basque Country.

» Nov. 16th 2022: Discordia, unofficial french Rulebook (12MB) available.

» Nov. 15th 2022: Discordia review from Rahdo (Video – EN)

» October 19th .10.2022 Discordia review at Geeklette „Essen à la Maison“ (FR)

» October, 18th 2022 Discordia: Solo playthrough by Tom Heath/Slickerdrips (Video – EN)

» September 28th 2022: On Oct. 1st and 2nd we are at the „Modell Hobby Spiel“ in Leipzig with Discordia. The booth number is 2K15.

» September, 27th 2022: Discordia „unboxing“ from Spiele-Bombe (Video – DE)

» September 24th 2022: The Discordia games have arrived here. All pre-orders have shipped, and all who chosed „Essen pick-up“, get their copy at the Essen game fair on booth 2F107.