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Every year, the two villages of Plockton and Broadford send their best athletes to compete in tug-of-war. Well prepared, each village wants to win the duel.
It is important to use its athletes at the right moment and to show strength when it counts. A little bit of risk-taking is also necessary to leave the field as a winner. The player who still has his athletes on the field at the end of two matches wins the game.

  2         8+     15 Min

Ploc is a fast-paced dice game with lots of luck, but also some tactics. Will you defeat your opponent in 2 matches of Tug of war?

Designer: Bernd Eisenstein
Illustration: Klemens Franz

» Rules, English (2,1 MB)
» Rules, Dutch (2,1 MB), thank you, Olav Fakkeldij!
» Rules, German (2,1 MB)

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