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We, the goblins, have managed to chase the scum of the Five Realms out of the Hiddenlands. Now the land is ours, and we can spread destruction and chaos as we like it!

        1 – 5        10+       30 – 45 min

But it‘s not that easy to live together with the other dirty goblin clans, especially since we are threatened by dangers here as well.
We act, research, fight diseases, build buildings and strive to be the most powerful and respected of all the clans. I might be forced to join forces with other clans, but afterwards, it will all be mine – you’ll see!

By recruiting and playing goblins, you try to fulfill the tasks as fast and effectively as possible. You fulfill the tasks alone or together with one of your two neighbors. Therefore, you get a reward while both of you scores at the end of the game.
At the end of the year, when winter comes, the fruits of your labor will be visible and the balance of power will be decided.

The material is language independent.

The game contains:

144 Cards:
78 Goblin Cards
30 Tasks (12 x spring, 12 x summer, 6 x autumn)
12 Orders
5 Dynamite Cards
6 Master Goblins
6 Special Cards
5 Pact Cards
2 Overview Cards

Wooden material:
Starting player figure (grey)
15 Goblin figures (each 3 in 5 colours)
5 Markers

Rules in English, German and French

» German rules (3,5 MB).
» English rules (3,5 MB).
» French rules (3,5 MB).
» Dutch rules (3,5 MB).
» Greek rules (2,1 MB).
» Japanese rules (4,7 MB).

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