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Alexander the Great has conquered a vast empire, but his power is now waning, and the time is ripe to compete for his inheritance.
Each player leads one of four competing factions that are ready to rule the vast empire.

1 – 4          12+       60 min

Boardgame Phalanxx Bernd Eisenstein Irongames

Boardgame Phalanxx Bernd Eisenstein Irongames

Boardgame Phalanxx Bernd Eisenstein Irongames

To do this, you must become the most powerful faction by reinforcing your troops, ensuring sufficient supplies and occupying the most important cities and oases.

Boardgame Phalanxx Bernd Eisenstein Irongames

You have 3 “Home” dice. In each round, you roll 3 more “Travelling” dice and pair them with your Home dice. These pairings determine your options during your turn: play new cards with leaders, armies, and equipment on them, increase your strength, conquer new regions on the game board, or change the values –and colors of your dice in order to play more cards—all to build the strongest civilization by the end of the game!
Game components are language-independent. German, English and French rules included.
The game includes:
Double-sided game board
55 playing cards: 16 cards of Era X, 13 cards of Era XX, 13 cards of Era XXX, Heroism card, 8 Money cards, 4 Action cards
15 wooden dice: 7 in white, 4 in purple and 4 in orange
48 wooden army figures: 12 in every color
8 wooden markers: 2 in every color
24 sided rulebook in English, German and French

»  English rules (1,5 MB).
» German rules (1,5 MB).
» French rules (1,5 MB).
» Polish rules Thank you, Jan Stanislaw.
» Japanese rules. Thank you, Anhiroshi Nagamine.
» Action overview (E) (0,3 MB).
» Rule summary (I)

» Short Overview, Info, Presentation (EN)
» I open the box for you
» Hunter&Cron, Essen 2016 (DE)
» BGG TV, Essen 2016 (EN)

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Phalanxx wins the „Bronze Stephan 2017“