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The rules to Pandoria are not that complex, and we tried to keep them as brief as possible so that people could begin playing the game quickly. Thanks to some feedback, however, we have discovered several points that should elaborate upon (and one mistake in an example in the rules).  We hope this will clear up those questions and help you enjoy the game!

Correction of Example in 6.3.3:
The example says 8 – 5 wood = 3 wood, but the image is correct, showing 8 – 3 wood = 5 wood.


Q: Am I allowed to use a spell to place a figure on one of the printed terrain spaces on the board, or move a figure there using the Teleport spell?
A: Yes, you may place or move a figure onto one of the 4 terrain spaces printed on the board, but never onto a ship, castle, occupied space or space in a closed region.

Q: Is the leader also considered a figure when using spells such as the Astral Ship, Muster, Enchanted Castle and Clone? Can it be moved with Teleport?
A: Yes, the leader is a „figure“ and can be placed or moved just like any other figure, unless otherwise noted (as with the special ability of the Elven Realm).

Remember, however, that the leader may only be placed on the board when you have no other figures left in your reserve (exception: the Human Realm).

Q: If all your figures are on the map, after you place a tile, and you chose to remove a figure, can you pick your leader?
A: Yes!


Q: If a region is surrounded by other terrain and/or the mountains, but has one or more „holes“ in it, is it considered „closed“?
A: No, a region is only closed when it cannot be expanded anymore. As long as there are empty spaces next to spaces of that region, it is not closed.

Important Strategy Note: Use your castles wisely! If you do not have any castles left, and you do not have a terrain spell that allows you to place a single space tile, there is no way for you to close a region that has a single-space hole! If you are invested in scoring a large region, opponents can create such a hole to keep you from scoring it!

If you do have a spell for placing a single-space tile, remember that you do not place an additional figure on it. The spell is for the small terrain tile only!

Q: If I use an Enchanted Castle or Terrain spell to close a region, do I still remove figures from it and then score it?
A: Yes, all figures are immediately removed from closed regions, whether they are closed by the normal tile placement or by a spell. All regions closed that turn are then scored in phase 6.4. If more than one region was closed, the order in which you score them does not matter, since all figures from all closed regions have been removed.

Q: If two separate regions of the same resource are closed in the same turn, are they scored separately or can you aggregate the resources together for scoring purposes?
A: In this rare case, the number of resources is simply added together. For example, if you already have 10 wood, and you score 4 wood from one region and 2 wood from another in the same turn, your total income is 6 wood.  Since all 6 wood is excess, this gives you 2 victory points if you still have the 3/1 trading ratio.

Q: Can I use a spell to place or move a figure to a space in a region that was already closed and scored?
A: No, as written in the spells description, you may never place or move a figure onto a ship, castle or space in a closed region using a spell. The Elven Realm may also not use their special ability to move one of their figures to a ship, castle or space in a closed region (but a figure may be moved through a space in a closed region).

Q: Can you place a castle inside a region that is then closed, and then place a figure on it?
A: As shown in section 6.1, you always must place either the terrain tile from your hand or a castle, and then you may place a figure on that tile or castle.
Figures are immediately removed from terrain that is in a closed region, but they remain on castles, even when surrounded. You can only remove a figure from a castle through a spell or by removing one figure from the board instead of placing a figure.

Q: Is the only purpose of exit paths to provide regions which cannot be closed?
A: Yes, and figures on matching tiles adjacent to these regions cannot be removed unless an action is taken or spell used to do so.

Q: If a tile of a different terrain is placed next to an exit path, will that exit path score as if it were a closed, one-hex area?
A: No. Exit paths (and matching regions joined to them) are never closed, so they can never be scored.


Q: Can I buy a card in a turn without closing a region?
A: No, you must close at last one region to buy a card (except the Mage Realm, who has the special ability to buy a card every turn).

Q: Can I buy more than one card in a turn?
A: You may only buy one card in a turn, even if you close more than one region in a turn.


Q:  For the Construct spell, if the monument is built for free, does it still have to overbuild a building?
A: Yes.

Q: For the Master Builder, are you free to construct the building and the monument wherever you want them?  Could I overbuild another building with the building, build the building and then immediately overbuild it with the monument?
A: Yes.


Q: The rules say „you may never have two identical buildings visible on your tableau at the same time“.  But does that mean two identically named buildings or two buildings that have identical effects?
A: It means identically named buildings. You may have one Small Tower and one Large Tower, but only one of the two Vaults (one provides a 2:1 Gold ratio, and the other a 3:2 ratio).

Q: For the Saw Mill, Statue, Tower, and Treasury, do you receive extra resources per space, or per resource symbol?
A: They award you extra resources per space, NOT per symbol.
In the example in Section 7, if you only have a Large Tower, you would earn 4 extra crystals, not 6.

Q: For the Saw Mill, Statue, Tower, and Treasury, are these extra resources multiplied by the number of figures you have scoring that region?
A: No, they are added after you score for your figures. In the example in section 7 of the rules, if you have a Large Tower you score first the 3 crystal symbols x 3 figures (leader and figure) = 9 crystals. Then you add 4 crystals (+2 crystal bonus per space x 2 spaces) for a total of 13 crystals.


Q: Can a player with no resources retrieve figures?
A: No, if you have no resources, you cannot get back any figures from the Hanbok.

Q: Is there negotiating for resources with the Hanbok player?
A: No, you simply take back the figures you want from the Hanbok and then the Hanbok chooses the resources from you that he wants, and you must give them to him. He can only choose from the resources you have. Reduce the resources he takes from your tableau, and the Hanbok player increases his own resources on his tableau accordingly.

Q: For multiple retrieved figures, is it a single exchange, or does it go figure by figure?
A: It is a single exchange.  You might say, „I want all 3 figures back,“ and the Hanbok chooses the 3 resources he wants from you. If he chooses a resource of which he already has 10, then the excess is instead be converted to victory points, as usual.