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Game-designer Bernd EisensteinPlease introduce yourself

I was born 1967 in Speyer, but I live in Berlin with my fiance since August 2004. Job-related I was an administrative officer for a very long time, but nowadays I found a new challenge in the logistics industry.

Which hobbies you have (besides gaming)?

Cinema, listen to Music and playing some
Music (Rock over Heavy Metal to Death Metal), Flea-markets, Onlinegames, Soccer, The famous german TV series „Tatort“, Sunday morning brunch, 2001 I started to design my own Boardgames – my first published Game, Maya (Abacus) was released et the end of 2003 (my actual projects are a part of this site).

Your life-device?

Calm and continuance is the way to the target.

Since when you are addicted to boardgames and how was the process?

Since my early childhood I loved games (boardgames). In my early days easy dice+run games, later games like Monopoly, Chess, Skat, in school „Blockhead“, enormous Risk-sessions and Stratego, before I went deeper into the gaming-scene with Settlers of Catan. Since this year (1995) I began to be more and more interested into all new published games. My „old“ circle of friends was not that much into boardgames, so I started to search new contacts and gaming-rounds. With this it was possible for me to have a gaming-session once or twice a week. After my move to Berlin I found some good gaminggroups very fast, so I still play one or two times a week.

What is the fascination of gameing?

The direct contact at the gaming desk, the diving into another world, into an interesting theme, the pressure of thinking, the discoverance of new game-mechanics…

Which sorts of games do you like most?

Games of strategy and tactics, sometimes also abstract ones, games with an historic background, games with not that much luck.

Which games are not your favourite ones?

Quiz- und guessgames, communicative games.

your favourite games?

Torres, Through the desert, Princes of Florence, Medina, Puerto Rico, Caylus, Samurai, Web of Power, El Grande and Tichu, But there are permanently very good and interesting new published games around – the named games are my „evergreens“.

This Interview was leaded with Hall9000.