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The first cities on the Rhine emerge from Roman outposts protecting the border with Germania.
As the governor of one of these cities, your task is to develop it in the best possible way, while also defending it against the Germanic tribes.
Empress Agrippina and her son Nero inspects your actions and honors the most successful governor.

    1 – 4      12+    70 Min

In Discordia, you develop your city by building farms, barracks, defenses, harbors and markets, and by trading with ships.
Use your seamen, soldiers, merchants and farmers profitably, fulfill decrees and secure privileges. You must always act carefully, so that your city grows neither too fast nor too slow.
Will you have the best-developed city at the end of the fourth year, or will you manage to impress the empress before then and win the game early?

Discordia is the upcoming Irongames release scheduled for late September 2022. The rulebook is still in progress and will be released here if it’s finished.

The game includes:
160 wooden figures: 40 sailors, 40 soldiers, 40 merchants, 40 farmers
48 wooden stars
3 dice (red, yellow, blue)
1 wooden seasons boat
1 wooden starting player marker

Game plan
4 city maps (player boards)
6 action tiles
14 privileges
20 germanic tiles
16 towers: 8 military towers, 8 trading towers
14 decrees
86 city tiles: 18 ships, 24 barracks, 20 market stalls, 24 farms
40 city expansions: 8 ports, 8 forts, 4 expeditions, 8 marketplaces, 8 farmlands, 4 developments
4 supply rings
10 manipulators
1 cloth bag
14 janus tiles (for the solo game)

The cardboard is extra thick and the 4 player boards are partly made of „double-layers“ for a greater playing experience.

Game design: Bernd Eisenstein
Artwork: Lukas Siegmon

» Provisional rules, English (10MB)
» Provisional rules, German (10MB)

» Boardgamegeek entry

The pre-orders starts in July 2022. All pre-orderers will receive the game for a special price, as well as some exclusive promos. Pick-up directly at the „Essen Spiel 2022“ is possible to save shipping costs!