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The Titans, demigods of the underworld, seek to spread evil and chaos in the home of the Greeks of antiquity. But humankind is not without its defenses, creating Titans of their own to withstand the attacks from the underworld.

         2 – 5        12+       60 – 90 min

Meanwhile, life goes on in the ancient civilization; basic goods are acquired and refined into better trade goods, loaded onto passing merchant ships, and transported.

Brettspiel Panthalos Bernd Eisenstein Irongames

Brettspiel Panthalos Bernd Eisenstein Irongames

Brettspiel Panthalos Bernd Eisenstein Irongames

Players in the game use their Workers and keep their action Discs ready for use. It is also helpful to have additional capacity available for reinforcing your troops and strengthening the power of your Titans.
Panthalos is played over 8 rounds, but can also end earlier if the power of the underworld grows too strong.

Brettspiel Panthalos Bernd Eisenstein Irongames Game components are language-independent. German, English and French rules included.

The game includes:
Double-sided game board
52 Titan tiles
44 Round Reinforcement tiles
12 Merchandise tiles
20 Ship tiles
14 Artisan tiles
40 Double sided goods tiles
12 Underworld tiles
60 wooden discs (12 in 5 colors)
5 Leader figures (one in 5 colors)
25 Dice (5 in 5 colors)
Starting Player Marker
Marker to count the game rounds
Cloth bag

Panthalos is limited to 1000 copies.

… Epilogue: I assume that the cover will polarize, and some people will say for sure: this has nothing to do with the game. I don’t want to have the „thousandth-nice-building-cover“. The cover scene is one part of the game, and is, like a good cover have to be, proper dramatized!

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» German rules (pdf, 2,1 MB).
» English rules (pdf, 2,1 MB).
» French rules (pdf, 2,1 MB).
» Hungarian rules (pdf, 1,4 MB).

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