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We, the Goblins, hate the cold in winter, so we want to complete the winter tasks as quickly as possible so that we can retreat into the warmth!

        +1       10+       + 5 min

Pact Winter is the expansion of Pact. Now it is possible to play the game with up to 6 players. New Winter tasks offer greater challenges, plus new, stronger Winter specialists enter the game for an even more dramatic end game!

The material is language independent, rules in English, German and French are included.

Pact Winter Solo:
The rules of the game do not change from the base game, with the following exceptions:

  • You add the 6 winter tasks as in the regular game.
  • As soon as the first winter task is revealed, you swap your remaining specialists for the corresponding winter specialists – at the start of a subsequent game, however, you swap them back to the corresponding specialists.

The game contains:

33 Cards:
18 Goblin Cards
6 new Winter tasks
1 Dynamite Cards
6 Winter specialists
1 Pact Card
1 corrected Specialist card (replace the same card of the base game)

Wooden material:
3 white Goblin figures
1 white Marker

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» English rules (1,5 MB).
» German rules (1,5 MB).
» French rules (1,5 MB).

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