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53 AD:
The eagle banners of the Roman legions fly on the banks of the Rhine. While Nero strives for
the throne of Imperium Romanum, the Roman settlements on the border of Germania blossom
into large fortified cities that are now clearly distinguishable from one another.

Trade flourishes and new outposts emerge to protect against raids by Germanic tribes.
However, as the cities grow in splendor, so does discord among the rival governors in competition
for the glory of Rome.

  1 – 4        12+     +10 Min

As governor, you have four years to make your city the most impressive.
Use your individual advantages and decide whether you want to use the available outposts
on the Magna Tiles to forge a strategic alliance to defend against Germanic attacks to reap valuable

The “Discordia Magna” – expansion is only playable with the “Discordia” – base game and offers six new
City Maps with asymmetric starting conditions and 10 Magna Tiles (outposts) for greater variance and for
more tactical fun.

The expansion contains:
20 wooden Workers: 5 Seamen, 5 Soldiers, 5 Merchants, 5 Farmers
6 individual “double-layer” – City Maps
10 Magna-Tiles
4 Overview Tiles
1 Rule book each in English and German

Discordia Magna is compatible with both the first and second editions of the base game.
The target release date is around the end of September 2023.

Game Design: Bernd Eisenstein
Artwork: Lukas Siegmon

» English rule book (2,1MB)
» French rule book (31 MB)
» German rule book (2,1MB)
» Dutch rule book (2MB)
» Greek rule book (1,9MB)
» Japanese rule book (6,9MB)

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