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Card overview
Boardgamegeek TV, Essen 2015 (Eng)
Cliquenabend Video (Ger)

... mighty civilizations on their way into a new age

Kartenspiel Peloponnes Bernd Eisenstein The Peloponnese - home of the mighty and proud city-states, the 'poleis'.
Lead one of them through the ages, gaining fame and prosperity while weathering disaster.
Kartenspiel Peloponnes Bernd Eisenstein
Over eight rounds you will develop your civilization by claiming new territory, constructing prestigious buildings and increasing your population.

Will you manage as even a balance as possible between prestige and population?

Number of Players
2 - 5
Duration of the game
45 min


Kartenspiel Peloponnes Bernd Eisenstein

The Peloponnes Card Game is based on the Peloponnes board game and took the same bidding mechanism. A few details were simplified. The system with the catastrophes and the possibility to gain luxury goods are new so the strategic projections and the feeling of the game is new.

The material is language independent.
German, english and french rules are included.


English rules (2,8 MB). Thanks to Patrick Korner!
French rules (2,8 MB). Merci Bénédicte Bill!
Dutch rules (2,8 MB). Thanks to Olav Fakkeldij!


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