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It's moving day! You have lots of boxes to load, and a truck to load them into-but how are they going to fit? Maybe on their ends? Stacked on top of each other? You'll have to pack your unique truck as tightly as possible, and you lose points for packing too few pieces on your truck, or for leaving pieces you can't fit behind. Can you pack'em, stack'em and rack'em with the best?

Number of Players
3 - 6
Age recommandation
Duration of the game
20 min


Pack & Stack is a fast and funny, wild and crazy game about moving stuff on all sorts of odd trucks. Every interactive turn is a new adventure, where all the players discover new loads, grab new trucks, and then gamble on their planning and packing skills. So, test your wits and find your cool. It's time to get packin' and start stackin'!

Pack & Stackcontains:
. 30 unique, color truck tiles
. 96 wooden packing blocks
. 64 color game point markers
. 5 special wooden dice
. 1 short rules booklet


German rules (pdf 888 KB)
Englsh rules (pdf 754 KB)
Hungarian rules (pdf 947 KB)
Regras em português (doc 38 KB)
Reglas en español (pdf 412 KB)


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Pack and Stack
Bernd Eisenstein

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