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The new game from Irongames looking for a name

Phalanxx Brettspiel 2016 Bernd Eisenstein Irongames

Give the opponent in the solo version of
Phalanxx a name.
This can be your name, the name of a friend or a related one... be creative.

What else can you do?

If you also want to give a this opponent also a face, send the face in fromt of an ancient building before June 30th 2016 to games@irongames.de.

The team of Irongames will select the best, most beautiful or original proposal until end of July, mention the name in the game rules and send you a free copy of the final produced game, which is scheduled for September 2016 and will be signed by the author.

Update July 27th 2016: The final name will be "MaXXimilian". Thanks to Markus Riefer for the idea, and also all others who were part of this contest.


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