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Can I play „Load any goods“ as an additional action to transport a good or I have to use Carrier with it?
The privilege „load any good“ requires a carrier-action.

For the „Load any Good“ privilege: if a player already has a Good of the „wrong“ color next to a ship in the same dock and decides to use this privilege, does the Good get loaded immediately or does the player does not need to take another Carrier action?
The good is been loaded immediately, if it’s the player’s turn and he will use the privilege-card.

Can I play „Buy a place in the palace without needing the required Trading Points“ as an additional action or only when I buy influence in the palace using bonus action?
For the privilege „Buy a place in the palace without needing the required Trading Points“ you don’t need the matching sideaction!

Does the good go back in the bag after it’s been loaded?
Yes, all traded goods will go back into the bag.

When buying influence in the palace, do I need to pay trading points?
No, you are just required to have enough.

Are the number of spaces on the path on intrigue limited or are we able to continue to add servants to the end of the row after it fills up?
The spaces are limited.

What if you use the Carrier to transport a Good from one dock to another dock where there is a ship that is looking for the matching Good?
This would be a 3rd way to trigger the Loading!

When a player earns 2 Trading Points from a successful shipping, can he use both to place 2 Servants on the path of intrigue from his reserve?
Yes, you are absolutely free for what you use any trading point.