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The new game from Irongames looking for a name

Phalanxx Brettspiel 2016 Bernd Eisenstein Irongames

Give the opponent in the solo version of Phalanxx a name.
This can be your name, the name of a friend or a related one… be creative.

What else can you do?

If you also want to give a this opponent also a face, send the face in fromt of an ancient building before June 30th 2016 to

The team of Irongames will select the best, most beautiful or original proposal until end of July, mention the name in the game rules and send you a free copy of the final produced game, which is scheduled for September 2016 and will be signed by the author.

Update July 27th 2016: The final name will be „MaXXimilian“. Thanks to Markus Riefer for the idea, and also all others who were part of this contest.