Pergamemnon FAQ/Errata (EN)

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It’s not necessary, if a player takes Charisma Cars or „captured Cards“ together with the highest valued Hand Card to „pay“ for the creature to hire.

You draw up to 3 hand cards after every battle AND after recruiting a Creature.

Defending against an initial attack follows the same rules as defending against counter-attacks.

When only the Nation Card of the player whose turn it is (attacker) shows the active side, the Nation Cards of all players will immediately flip back to their active side.

“When Xerxes is captured in battle, from now on all armies flee if a battle is lost“.
To clarify the rules, this is not really a handicap. All Armies of the Persian player will have the ability to “flee”.

A player must either recruit or attack another player – he cannot pass, even if his cards are not advantageous to do either!

Turn order: after an attacker loses, the defender takes his/her turn – then who goes next? – the next player with an active Nation Card after the defender or after the original attacker?
In this case, the defender becomes the new attacker and takes his turn (s) until he won’t win a battle or hires a creature.