Sacrum Expansion [2014]

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In order to receive clemency from the gods in ancient times, human sacrifices were on the agenda. With the Sacrum-Expansion, it is now possible in Peloponnese to sacrifice your people to the gods.

               +1          10+     15 min/player

The Sacrum-Expansion will add another player to the game (This means, together with the other Peloponnes Expansions, you could play up to eight players!).
In combination with the Hellas-Expansion there is also one more tile for the additional ninth game-round and also 3 new civilizations with Antioche, Delos and Rhodes!

Game components are language-independent. German, English and French rules included.

» German rules (0,2 MB).
» English rules (0,2 MB).
» French rules (0,2 MB).