Peloponnes Card Game FAQ/Errata

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Catastrophe – Drought:

YKartenspiel Peloponnes Bernd Eisensteinou cover the affected power card horizontally!

„Question: Why horizontally?“
Answer: At the end of game you need to know, which covered card was affected through which catastrophe.

Catastrophes – Earthquake/Tempest:

„Question: May I cover a power card, that is already covered because of the drought?“

Answer: Yes! It is also possible to cover up a building „under construction“ because of the earthquake that is already covered because of the drought.

Game End:

„Question: What happens, if I gained protection of the earthquake and removed the covered coin card from this building and through this, I gain protection of a different catastrophe?“

Answer: The checking for protection will occur simultanely for all 5 catastrophes. That means that a protection cannot activate another protection.