Patronus Expansion [2016]

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The Peloponnes Card Game gets even bigger!

   +1            10+       +15 min

3 new modules:
+ 1 player
+ 1 game round (round „D“)
Patronus cards for additional protection against catastrophes
+ 10 more coin cards that are shuffled together with the coin cards of the base game

You can play with each of this 3 modules, or combine all together with the base game.

The material is language independent.
English, French and German rules are included.

The Expansion requires the base game!

» English rules (3.1 MB). Thanks to Dyland Bradshaw!
» French rules (3.1 MB). Merci Bénédicte Bill!
» German rules (3.1 MB).

» Review at BGG (EN)