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There are the same rules, as for the threeplayergame. The acceptions and changes will be shown here.


This Extratile will be placed on the right of the big 3-player-tile. It overlayed the original place.
To his material every player will get another 3 Workercards and one Pyramidblock of a third color in addition.

Now the players put their 3 stones (2 of the own color and the third of the other color) alternate onto any of the pyramid boards, but 2 stones of the same color are not allowed to be in the same pyramid.

Download Extratile: (589 KB).

Using the workers:

Instead of laying an own Workercard, a player is also allowed to lay a workercard of the third color. This card is allways worth 4.

Distribution of blocks:

The third color will be rated like a normal third color.
The player who has the highest value of workercards, will get the stones of the third color in addition and the oval marker with the special function.
If theres no player with his cards at a place, no one will get the stones of the third color and the marker.


Only workercards of his own color are allowed to be taken for the Transport.
Every worker can carry 2 Stones of any color.
If a player doesn’t have enough workers to transport all stones, the player can decide, which stones he’ll put back into the common stock.

Building pyramids:

Instead of placing own stones, a player may also place a stone of the third color.
For passing there are only stones of the players color needed.
A double-move must be done with 2 sones of the same color.


Gold is rewarded like in the regular game, but players will only gain gold for their own colored stones.

Removing stones:

Stones of all three colors will be removed like in the regular game.