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Latest News:

» Nov. 01st 2021: Peloponnes in 5 minutes – Review (Video – ES)

» Oct. 15th 2021: The Webshop (SpielDirekt) of the gamefair Essen 2021 with lots of new games is online now and will stay until mid December 2021!

» Oct. 13th 2021 Pandoria Trolls&Trails: „unboxing“ Video.

» Oct. 11th 2021: Brian Moore mentioned Pergamemnon between some other Deckbuilding games of interest

» August 27th 2021: In his Podcast „more games than time“ (EN) Lee G. Broderick talks about several games, like the Peloponnes Card Game and PAX (also „Biblios“ – which has a few similarities to PAX).

» August 17th 2021: In his podcast, „more games than time“ (EN), Lee G. Broderick talks about the Peloponnes Card Game (among others).

» July 26th 2021: Brian Moore featured the solo version of several games, so also Peloponnes.

» July 23rd 2021: „Die Hausis“ featured their played games of May and June. Once again they mentioned Pact: Video, DE

» July 17th 2021: Our basque friends played 2 matches of Peloponnes for the ranking.