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» Feb. 22nd 2021: Pandoria Merchants review at Vin d’jeu (F)

» Feb. 2nd 2021: Pandoria Merchants among the top 10 2020 of Rahdo (Video – E)

» January 14th 2021: New year, another match of Peloponnes in Basque Country.

» December 23rd 2020: Pandoria rules and review from „Brettspielbucki“ (Video D)

» Dec. 10th 2020: Pandoria Artifacts is sold out now, but there are a few copies available without outer Box!

» Dec. 04th 2020: Pandoria Merchants review by SpinLi (NL)

» Nov. 10th 2020: Our basque friends played a match of Peloponnes

» November 09th 2020: The guys of Cliquenabend went through Pandoria Merchants (Video – D)

» November 06th 2020: JonGetsGames featured Pandoria Merchants at his channel using the print & play version (Video – E)

» November 06th 2020: Pandoria Merchants – Jeffrey D. Allers opens the box for you (Video)

» Oct. 30th 2020: Pact + Pact Winter Cliquenabend playthrough (Video – D)